What is Rego Check WA?

The Western Australian government provides a service that allows you to check the registration of a vehicle through the Transport Department.

How to run a Rego Check?

You'll need to provide the vehicle registration plate information on the page at WA Department of Transport which will return information about expiry date of the vehicle licence.

Why check my registration?

The WA government strictly enforces vehicle registration and monitors the status of your vehicle's registration through random police checks and camera detected licence plate reading. Please check the Vehicle Licence Penalties page on the WA Department of Transport page for more information. As a vehicle owner you also have responsibilities under the Road Traffic Act.

Rego check or REVS Check

A rego check or registration check in WA ensures you that the vehicle is registered to operate on the roads in that state. Although the registration plate information is available on a REVS Check or PPSR Report, the registration data is not part of the report. As such we suggest that you run both reports together to ensure the vehicle is registered, and has no encumbrance or has previously been written off or is stolen.