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One off payment

VINNER provides utilises Stripe payment provider to allow you to make a one off payment, that can then be used for a single report purchase. If you choose this payment you will be redirected to Stripe to make a payment of $9.90 prior to being able to perform a serial search.

Once payment has been processed successfully by Stripe, you can then enter the serial number you wish to search on via the search pages. Once the serial number has been submitted we will generate your report, it will be emailed to you and is downloadable from our site. If you wish to make another purchase, you'll need to complete the checkout process again.

Tiered subscription

A tiered usage subscription model where it gets cheaper the more searches you perform. The subscription model also works for organisations, for example the owner or adminstrator of a company can create a subscription, and then allow users with their own accounts to be able to request reports without having to input payment details, or have any visibility of the adminstrator's payment details.

Each serial number search request is then sent to Stripe and as your usage increases the pricing decreases.

Pricing Tiers

QuantityPrice Per Search
For the first 1$9.90
For the next 2 to 5$8.90
For the next 6 to 10$7.90
For the next 11 to 50$6.90
For the next 51 to 100$5.90
For the rest$4.90