Stolen Vehicles

How do I check my report for a stolen vehicle ?


If a vehicle has been stolen, or a part of has been stolen then this may be reported on the PPSR Report which display data from a number of source, including the National Stolen Vehicle Register.

Please note: information about stolen vehicles for Tasmanian vehicles is not available from the report, if the vehicle is registered in Tasmania you should conduct a search at Tasmanian Goverment Transport Services to check whether the vehicle has been stolen in Tasmania.

Before you buy a vehicle it's a good idea to perform a PPSR Report check to ensure it isn't stolen the day of or before purchase, to ensure nothing has changed.

If I buy a stolen vehicle, will I get my money back?

If you purchase a second hand vehicle privately it's unlikely you will receive your money back, the police will possibly impound the car or it return it to the previous owner or insurance company.

Should I report a stolen vehicle to the police ?

You can provide the police the details of information you have received in your search certificate, and the seller's contact information.

The vehicle is incorrectly showing as stolen

Sometimes vehicle are incorrectly showing as stolen on the search certification, please contact your local state authority for more information.

Details - Stolen Motorcycle

An example of a stolen motorcycle and engine is below and contains the police reference

Example - Stolen Vehicle Report

Details - Stolen Vehicle

An example of a stolen vehicle motorhome is below and contains the police reference

Example - Stolen Motorhome Report