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Details on how to understand your report

Your VINNER PPSR certificate may contain some of the following sections

Search certificate number

A unique number generated by PPSR for your VIN Search Certificate request

Search number

Each search undertaken against the PPSR is allocated a unique Search Number

Search Criteria Details

This section details the type of search (e.g VIN), the actual serial searched against and the PPSR registration status (not vehicle registration)

Collateral Class

A Registration has a description of the collateral that is registered. Each registration describes the collateral by the class of collateral (eg motor vehicle) and depending on the class of collateral, there may be other attributes used, such as a serial number (eg motor vehicle VIN) or a free text description

Registration Start/End Time

The period during which the registration is in effect – the Start Time and the End Time for the registration. For non-consumer property, there may be no stated end time or the end time may be up to 25 years after registration. In the case of consumer or serial numbered property, the end time may be up to seven years after registration.

Secured Party Details

The secured party (or secured parties) that have the security interest in the collateral (eg a bank that is lending money using the collateral as security)

Grantor Details

The grantor (or grantors) that have granted the security interest in the collateral. This is often, but not always, the debtor. For some registrations there will not be any grantor recorded – this is based on factors such as the type of collateral. For example, a consumer registration that is described by a serial number cannot have a grantor defined

Registration Kind

The primary purpose of the PPSR is to allow for registration of collateral that is subject to a security interest. However, existing registers that are replaced by PPSR (such as state-based registers of encumbered vehicles) allow for additional interests in collateral to be registered. For example, police forces registering hoon liens. The majority of registrations in PPSR will be for security interests, however PPSR will also allow for registration of other kinds of interest

Registration States

A registration can be in one of the following states: current, expired, removed, or archived

Commercial Property

Personal property that is held in the course or furtherance, to any degree, of carrying on an enterprise. It does not include consumer property – see 'consumer property'

Consumer Property

Any personal property that is held by an individual, other than the personal property that is held in the course or furtherance by a business of enterprise registered by an ABN

Collateral Type

This describes the sort of collateral that is being registered. Registrations can be either for consumer property or commercial property, depending upon the use of the property

Address for Service

Contact details of the person/organisation who hold the collateral interest.