Written Off Vehicle Codes

How to understand Written Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) codes

What is a write off

There are two types of vehicle write-offs: statutory write-offs and repairable write-offs.

A statutory write-off is when a vehicle has severe structural damage or deterioration, making it unsafe to drive on the road.

A repairable write-off is when a vehicle has been assessed as too costly to repair. However, subject to state laws, it can be re-registered for road use once it has passed a vehicle safety and identity check.

What is the Written Off Vehicle Register (WOVR)

The information about a car's written-off status comes from a database called the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS). This database isn't managed by VINNER, so we aren't able to change or give any more detail about the information that's provided in your search result. The Written Off Vehicle Register contains vehicles that have been declared a "write-off". This includes vehicles that have been badly damaged and are unsafe to drive. It also includes vehicles where the estimated cost of repair is more than the value of the vehicle.

For more information about the details of the write-off, contact the seller of the vehicle or your state or territory's road transport authority.

Understand the codes on your VINNER PPSR report

The written-off information can be broken down into three parts, with each part represented by a different code:

Incident type - described by letters D, F, H, I, M, W

Damage location - described by numbers 1-46

Damage severity - described by letters A-P

Incident Type

Determined by a letter that represents each of the 6 types of incidents

DDismantled - Legitimate removal of components for use as parts
FFire - Damage caused by combustion
HHail - Damage caused by hail stones
IImpact - Collision of some type with an object, for example another vehicle, tree or pole.
MMalicious/Vandalism/Stripped - Intentional damage, for example, broken door locks, glass window or windows, paint, scratched or stripped of all or a combination of interior and exterior body parts.
WWater - Damage caused by water (fresh or salt) such as a storm, river or flood.

Damage Location

Determined by a number ranging from 1-46 that corresponds to a position on the vehicle

Damage Location
CodeLocationType of vehicle
1Passenger frontMotor vehicle
2Driver frontMotor vehicle
3Driver sideMotor vehicle
4Driver rearMotor vehicle
5Passenger rearMotor vehicle
6Passenger sideMotor vehicle
7EngineMotor vehicle
8RoofMotor vehicle
9InteriorMotor vehicle
10FrontCaravan / trailer / motorbike
11RearCaravan / trailer
12Left rearMotor bike
13Right rearMotor bike
14Whole vehicleMotor vehicle
15Floor pan (passenger front)Motor vehicle
16Fire wallMotor vehicle
17Chassis/structural rails (passenger)Motor vehicle
18Floor pan (driver rear)Motor vehicle
19Floor pan (driver front)Motor vehicle
20Floor pan (passenger rear)Motor vehicle
21Chassis/structural rails (driver)Motor vehicle
22A pillar passengerMotor vehicle
23A pillar driverMotor vehicle
24B pillar passengerMotor vehicle
25B pillar driverMotor vehicle
26C pillar passengerMotor vehicle
27C pillar driverMotor vehicle
28D pillar passengerMotor vehicle
29D pillar driverMotor vehicle
30Engine block (cracked, fractured)Motor vehicle
31Transmission caseMotor vehicle
32Differential caseMotor vehicle
33Axle housingMotor vehicle
34Suspension (passenger front)Motor vehicle
35Suspension (driver front)Motor vehicle
36Suspension (passenger rear)Motor vehicle
37Suspension (driver rear)Motor vehicle
38Airbag frontMotor vehicle
39Airbag sideMotor vehicle
40Airbag curtainMotor vehicle
41Seat belt pre-tensionerMotor vehicle
42Battery PackNSW heavy vehicles only
43Tow PointNSW heavy vehicles only
44Auxiliary EquipmentNSW heavy vehicles only
45Hydraulic or other Lifting EquipmentNSW heavy vehicles only
46Rollover Protective StructureNSW heavy vehicles only

Damage Severity

Determined by a letter ranging from A-P that represents the level of severity

AHeavy Panel
BLight Panel
CHeavy Structural
DLight Structural
FMajor Mechanical Damage
GMinor Mechanical Damage
HMajor Stripping
IMinor Stripping
JMajor Vandalism
KMinor Vandalism
LWater (salt)
MWater (fresh)
OSmoke and Heat
PMinor Smoke