Intellectual Property Searches 🧠

How to understand Intellectual Property Searches

What is an Intellectual Property Search ?

An intellectual property (IP) search will tell you if the IP you're about to buy has a security interest registered against it meaning there could be money owing on it.

What IP are included in a search ?

A VINNER PPSR Intellectual Property search covers many types of IP, including:

  • a design
  • a patent
  • a plant breeder’s right
  • a trade mark.

What type of IP can I search on?

To perform an IP search on VINNER you’ll need to enter a serial number on our Search page. Depending on the type of IP you’re searching, this will be the:

  • design number
  • patent number
  • plant breeder’s right number
  • trade mark number

These serial numbers are issued by IP Australia when you apply for, are awarded or hold a licence over the IP rights.

It is very important that you use the correct serial number when entering the details for your search. The search won’t give you a description of the IP – it will only tell you if there's a security interest registered against the serial number you entered.