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What is a Chassis Number in a PPSR Report ?


A Chassis Number serial report is essential when considering a vehicle purchase. It helps you avoid buying a vehicle with an encumbrance or a stolen history. If you’re looking at a vehicle built before 1989 (which lacks a VIN number), conducting a PPSR search ensures that the vehicle is free from financial debt and safe from repossession. The report reveals any encumbrances, remaining finance, or other secured parties associated with the used vehicle for sale. 🚗🔍

What is a Chassis Number

A chassis number serves as the identification code for motor vehicles produced before January 1, 1989. Australian Design Rule 61 requires the VIN or chassis number to be recorded on the vehicle's identification plate and elsewhere on the vehicle. All vehicles in Australia must have either an individual VIN or chassis number clearly stamped, embossed or permanently marked on a substantial part of its frame or chassis.

Key details about a chassis include:

  • Length: Chassis numbers do not have a specified length.
  • Uniqueness: Chassis numbers may not always be unique.
  • Special Cases: Certain specialized vehicles, such as plant machinery, might still receive a chassis number during manufacturing today. However, this decision lies with the manufacturer and is beyond our knowledge scope. 🔢

Details - Chassis Number

Got a vehicle that is older than 1989? Not a problem we can provide a chassis number report with a VINNER PPSR certificate, an example of a chassis number certificate is below

Example - Chassis Vehicle Report

Example - Chassis Number

A chassis number example is as per the below image.

Chassis Number Example

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