Getting Started

How to get started using VINNER


We require you to register an account with us using a social login, or an email and password. This is secure, and require this in order to be able to email your reports to you.


Once an account is created, VINNER offers built-in support for groups of users we call Organizations. If you are a single user that's fine, just create an organisation and you'll be the only member of it.

If you are a company and have multiple users, there are Members Roles (Owner, Admin, Member, etc.) to configure. For example an owner can sign up for an organisation account and creation a Subscription using his preferred payment method. Users can then be added to the organisation who can leverage the subscription to request PPSR reports. Users can invite new members and assign roles to them.


Once the account, organisation and billing are setup then you can perform the following PPSR serial searches :-

Motor Vehicle Searches

  • Vehicle Identification Number, also known as VIN
  • Chassis number
  • Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Number

See Motor Vehicle Searches for more information.


  • Hull Idenifier Number, also known as HIN
  • Official Number

See Watercraft Searches for more information.


  • Aircraft Engine Manufacturers Number
  • Airframe Manufacturers Number
  • Helicopter Manufacturers Number
  • Aircraft Nationality Code And Registration Mark

See Aircraft Searches for more information.

Intellectual Property

  • Patent Number / Patent Application Number / Patent Cooperation Treaty Number
  • Trade Mark Number / Trade Mark Application Number
  • Design Number / Design Application Number
  • Plant Breeders Right Number / Plant Breeders Right Application Number

See Intellectual Property Searches for more information.