Details about REVS Checks in Queensland

Buying a Used Car in Queensland? Don't Get Caught Out - Do a REVS Check!

Buying a used car in Queensland can be risky. With high vehicle theft rates and the potential for dishonest sellers, you need to protect yourself. A REVS Check is your key to making a smart decision.

What is a REVS Check QLD Report?

With millions of vehicles registered each year, it's crucial to know the history of any car you're considering. A REVS Check can tell you:

  • Was the car reported stolen?
  • Was it in a major accident or written off?
  • Is there outstanding finance on the car that could lead to repossession?
  • Do the car details match the Queensland government's records?

REVS Check Helps You Make Informed Choices

Whether you're buying from a private seller or a dealer, it's always wise to get an independent REVS Check report. Even if the seller provides one, it's best to verify it yourself.

Instant REVS Check Reports - What You Get

Our REVS Check reports are based on official Australian government data and come with a PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) Certificate. This provides you with clear information about:

  • Stolen status
  • Write-off status
  • Outstanding finance (encumbrance)
  • Registration details

REVS Check: It's Easy and Accessible

To run a REVS Check, all you need is the vehicle's registration number or VIN. Simply sign-up, make your payment or subscribe, enter the number in our search box and receive your report instantly via email.

Don't Wait! Get Your REVS Check Today

Whether you're a Queensland resident or planning to move there, our online REVS Check service provides you with the information you need to make a confident purchase. REVS was replaced by PPSR in 2012, but some people still use the term REVS Check to refer to a motor vehicle history check.

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